Episode #18: Making A Mood Board For Your Entire Home

Hi everyone! This week, we’re diving into how to make a mood board for your entire home in four steps. Defining the look and feel I am going for has been incredibly helpful as I decorate my spaces over time, so today we’re sharing tips for this process!

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This week’s episode is sponsored by Grove Collaborative. If you follow the blog, you know we’re big fans of their products—and we share more around why we love what they offer in the podcast. They have an offer for first-time customers with our link, too. You can get a five-piece set to help you swap out plastics in your home! Visit this link to learn more.

Show Notes:
Here’s a link to a few older posts …
How to choose a color story for your home.
Tips for choosing decor with your partner.

-Once again, we mention The Curated Closet Workbook.

-If you look at my Pinterest you can see the DEEP dives I have taken to collect inspiration.
-Here’s a peek at Emma’s new podcast/music space!

-Here’s the episode of YHL podcast where we chat about white paint. I actually did NOT know white walls were controversial until I listened to this episode—haha.

We’d love to hear your questions at podcast AT abeautifulmess DOT com. Also we would love to hear what your favorite episode is so far!

xoxo- Elsie + Emma

  • I’d love to see Elsie’s moodboard for her new home!

    I just bought my 1969 home at nearly the same time as Elsie. Ours is mostly updated throughout, but it is our first home so there is a lot to do still. 🙂

  • I can’t believe you’re already on episode 18!!! I really look forward to the new episode every Monday and it just doesn’t seem like time could have gone by that fast! I seriously couldn’t pick a favorite, I’ve enjoyed them all and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you along the way!

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