A Few of My Favorite Things

Pretty pattern and bed frame1. Currently shopping for phone case. I wish I could get one in this pretty pattern. 2. This is the month. I’m going to start redecorating our guest bedroom. Step one is painting and building a bed frame. I sort of what to do something with pallets like this one. Even though, like, everyone does that. I just love them.Oh yum!3. It’s been a delicious week around the Internet. I really want to make this soup. 4. And I’d like to try my hand at baked falafel soon. Yum!Branch lamp and sweet phone!5. A couple weeks ago I conned my dad (who has a truck) into helping me kidnap some giant tree branches that had fallen down at a (somewhat) nearby park. I have plans to make a lamp. I think this one is really pretty. But I’d like mine to have a different base and lights. 6. Banana phone. Told you I was cell phone case shopping. This one’s just too goofy. I love it!

A few more things I’m dreaming about:

•We are visiting Nashville this weekend. Can’t wait to try a few new spots.

•I am swimsuit shopping. I don’t care if it snows again. I’m shopping anyway.

•Pretty and simple. I like. I want to make this soon. 

Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! xo. Emma

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