A Few of My Favorite Things

Painting challenge and french fries1. My mom joined in a painting challenge in January and has been creating a painting every day. I’m inspired by her drive and passion. Go mom! 2. I keep meaning to make sweet potato fries sometime this winter. I’m a little worried they’ll turn out too soft/mushy. Thinking of try this recipe (from My New Roots) for crispy cornmeal sweet potato fries.French blogs and exploring3. A current favorite blog read of mine is Mimi Thorisson’s Manger. Seeing a glimpse at a beautiful life so different from mine is always inspiring. 4. I adore Floral Mountain’s engagement photos shot by Sincerely Kinsey. As soon as this snow melts I need to go hiking around the Ozarks with Trey, it’s just too beautiful around here. Tattoos and tile5. Love this post on tattoos from Keiko Lynn. I’m dreaming of getting another tattoo soon so I’m obsessed with seeing others. 6. I’m also a little obsessed with tile, like this pretty room. I think I caught the bug from Elsie. We have a small bathroom and laundry room with very old linoleum that needs updating. Dreaming of pretty tile.

And a few more things I’m loving this week:

-I’m only a little jealous of Anna’s chickens, and also their chicken coop.
-Love these branch lamps.
-I realize it’s way to soon to even think about open-toe shoes. But. These!
-Adored this post on recipe disasters. I have my fair share too, so it’s good to know I’m not alone.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! xo. Emma